a shelter for women and their children.

Dear Pacific Lifeline,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for investing in my life and the life of my daughter. Fifteen years ago I was accepted into Pacific Lifeline shelter with an almost one year old daughter ... and not much else. The love and support that Pacific Lifeline gave to us and continued to give to us throughout the years has made a tremendous impact on her life. The love and compassion that she was shown even as an infant has translated into her servant heart today.  She does volunteer work often and is always looking for ways to help people and the community. She'll be 16 years old in a few months and I'm extremely proud to say that she was accepted into the North Carolina School of Science and Math. We were lead cross country not knowing what God had planned for us, but all along He knew that He was preparing Alexandria for the school for such a time as this. NCSSM is a rigorous process to get admitted. They pulled the best of the best from across North Carolina. Alexa will have the opportunity to move on campus early August and spend her Junior and Senior High School years studying with some of the best professors in the nation. It is the only live in school in the United States for juniors and seniors in high school and the opportunity that she has is opening many doors. She was already invited  two  a two-week summer program where she will get the opportunity to go to Washington DC to see The Monuments and also return in July for a leadership research program where she will get to conduct research side-by-side with NC State professors. She has the goal of attending Harvard, and I know full well that she will reach whatever goals she sets. As a graduate of the school she will get a full-ride scholarship to any North Carolina State School.

Thank you again for all you guys do and a special thank you to every donor. For every Christmas present that was purchased, every blanket that was donated, every piece of food in that pantry: those things showed us love and built us into who we are today.

Today I am blessed with two more blessings. I have a 2 year old son and a nine month old daughter and even though they will never see the inside walls of the Pacific Lifeline shelter, the love and blessings still translate to them, and the same servant's heart will pass down to Alexa’s little brother and sister as they have watched her serve others.

 Thank you again from the bottom of our heart from my family here in North Carolina to the families now staying at the shelter and to every donor that has donated to help Pacific Lifeline succeed in the last 15 years. God bless you.

 Love always, 
Tamara De La Torre

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