Guiding Lost Families Home for Over 100 Years

a shelter for women and their children.

Dear Donor,

It is with my deepest gratitude that I write you this letter. I am so thankful that you

decided to donate your car to Pacific Lifeline. Pacific Lifeline decided to give that car to

me. At the time I was one of their residents. Not long after I received the car you

donated to them, I was able to get my own apartment. I honestly don't believe I could

have left Pacific Lifeline without having a car. I am a single mom with two children.

Currently I am attending college and plan to receive my Bachelors Degree in

Communications in 2005. I will be transferring this summer and was in desperate need

of transportation. I just don't think you will ever understand how much you have made a

difference in the life of my family. This car has provided us with stability, an easier

lifestyle and more time to spend as a family. I no longer have to spend hours on the bus

and much of my stress has been put to rest. Also by donating your car, you created the

circumstance of my pursuing a better life, which has made room for another woman to

live at Pacific Lifeline. So, the reality is you really helped two families. Two families

have been blessed by your one single act ofkindness. I believe one act ofkindness can

cause a chain reaction. Your donation has already caused me to buy groceries for

someone rryho was in more need than myself. Currently I work as the marketinglpublic

relations coordinator for a nonprofit affordable housing corporation. Your donation has

helped me realize that people can make a difference and I intend to do nonprofit work for

the rest of my life. My only hope is thal I can impact someone's life the way you have

impacted mine. I will never forget what you have done for me and will always credit

you in helping me pursue my degree and making a better life for my children.

Thank you so much!